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Need workout advice /bowflex

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Old 10-17-2010, 12:45 PM
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Default Need workout advice /bowflex

I start exercise and working out about 4 months ago and started eating right. On June 20 I weight 230 now October 16 I weight 180 6Ē0ft bodyfat 21precent 33age I have loss a total of 50 pounds. So here where I need help I donít want to lose anymore weight I just want to lose my gut. Iíve never workout or play sports so I donít know much about working out I must be doing something right to lose 50 pounds. So here my workout to be Critique
5min Stretches / 10 min Boxing/ 40min Elliptical Level 4/ 75 Crunches on ball

Mon- Back/Bic
Bowflex - Back/ Widelat pulldown/Reverse Grip/ Seatlat row/ Narrow pulldowns
Bowflex- Biceps/Reverse Curl/Reveres Barbell/Biceps Curl/Seated Bic Curls
Bowflex- Chest- Bench press/Chest fly/Decline/Incline
Abs - No Bowflex Ė Chest pass medicine ball/Plank/ Kettle ball Swing/ Dive Bomber/ Ab ripper p90 x
Bowflex Ė Triceps- Tri ext/Tri kick/Hammer Tri/Tri hammer push
Bowflex- Shoulders- Scapular Port/Seated lat pull/ Scapular Det
Thur -Back BIC /Same Mon
FRI/Chest-Legs Free weight
Chest /Dumbbell bench press/Alt Dumbbell bench press/SWISS ball dumbbell press/Incline dumbbell press
Legs- Famerís walk / Swiss ball hip raise/Plank/Single Arm dumbbell swing/
Sat- OFF
Sun - Shoulders/Tri Same as Wed
Tuse/fri I do free weight The From the menís health exercise book
So Iím I working the right body parts together? Do I need work them all together? Lose gut and bodyfat not weight.
Hereís what I have Bowflex Extreme se/ Dumbbell 5to 30pounds/ Kettle ball 5-20 pounds/Bench incline/decline/ Punching bag/ Medicine ball

Thank you so much for taking your time to help a stranger.

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