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Darkhorse 03-23-2005 10:11 AM

OVT- Optimized Volume Training
OVT is actually a very sound program if anyone wants to shock their muscles for new growth. I'm going to use it after I'm done with my Max-OT training cycle. In my opinion, anyone who's serious into lifting should have at least two different programs to cycle so your muscles don't become stagnant. Personally, my training cycle looks like this:

2 months- Max-OT
2 months- OVT
1-2 months- Doubling back up. (Hitting each muscle twice a week, high volume)

The OVT Program:

DAY 1- Chest/Back
Day 2- Legs/Abs
Day 3- OFF
Day 4- Biceps/Triceps
Day 5- OFF
Day 6- Deltoids/Traps
Day 7- OFF

The Routine:

Day One
A1-Bench Press-- 5 x 5, tempo of 2-0-1, No rest interval
A2-Flat Dumbbell Flyes--5 x 5, tempo of 6-0-2, 120 seconds rest.
B1-Incline Bench
B2-Incline Flyes
C1-Lat Pulldown
D1-Barbell Rows
D2-Seated Cable Row

Day Two
A1-Front Squat (same)
B1-Machine Squat
B2-Leg curls

Day Four
A1-Barbell Curls (same)
A2-Dumbbell Curls
B1-Preacher Curls
B2-Hammer Curls
C1-Weighted Dips
C2-Triceps Extentions
D1-Cable Pressdowns
D2-Reverse Curls

Day Six
A1-Barbell Press
A2-Wide Grip Upright Rows
B1-Machine Press
B2-Side Laterals
C1-Bent Over Laterals
C2-Machine Rear Delts
D2-Close Grip Upright Rows

apocalypse 04-02-2005 03:47 PM

I only do like 15 sets per body part, 18 at the most. I gotta try both of those routines, I am not stuck at any point yet, so I thought why not stick with what's working for me.

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