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Old 06-20-2007, 12:56 PM
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Default POF/TUT/Partials/ABCDE

Hey Guys,

I have been doing quite alot of research lately on some things to kick my plateau of sorts. I have worked out and played alot of sports most of my life but have always been a very hard gainer.

Recently, upon reading some of the science behind xreps (partials), they sounded good to me as the increased TUT seems like it would help a hard gainer like me recruit more fibers. And POF just always seemed smart.

I was hoping some of you with more experience in the POF and xrep concepts could help me to make sure that I am figuring out correctly the right POF exercises and the right "sweet spot" for these power partials. I would greatly appreciate that.

Also, I was thinking of pairing this with an ABCDE type diet. (the original one, not the alterations Phillips made.) Hence I would overeat for 12 days while doing my x-reps and POF and really busting it and then slightly under eat while doing some moderate and higher rep POF. I figure the lighter 2 weeks will allow me time so as to not over train and the other 2 weeks will take advantage of the anabolic cycle.

Also, I am having some trouble wading through all the "data" out there. It appears partials can work to break a sticking point. But what kind?

For example we have X-reps which do the partial in the semi-stretched position (and SEEM phenomenal) and then there is the Pete Cisco method of a static hold/partial in the contracted position. Which one is better for generating mass gains? (By the way, some years back I did the Cisco method and while it made me wicked strong, I gained almost no weight. After a month my joints started getting achy so I stopped.)

And BOTH of the above just seem to me to reflect POF training. One stresses the stretch and one the contracted. All that is missing is the Meaty Full range.

So this got me thinking: Couldn't one achieve a POF style of training with just ONE exercise per body part so long as all points were stressed. For example, on bench do 1 full range to failure followed by an X-rep and then another full range to failure set with a Cisco style partial. (That way you get 2 full range with the extra TUT as well as an over load in certain areas.)

That would give you 2 full range sets with one overload stretched set and one overload contracted set. I realize the exercise would need to change depending on your focus for some parts, but is my thinking logical here?

This way one could just pick the Big Multi-joint movements and do 2 full sets each with the style of partials at the end of the respective set.

Lemme know if my logic is sound here.
Thanks so much,
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