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Semi-Stretched Alterations?

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Old 06-20-2007, 01:13 PM
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Default Semi-Stretched Alterations?

Hey guys,

I have been studying the benefits of the semi stretched exercises done by some of the greats. Arnold's style of Flyes for example where he would just pulse in the stretched position looks promising for mass gain.

However, his version of Laterals got me thinking. He used to do his laterals lying on his side and allowing the dumbbell to pass to his waist area. Basically he did them in the stretched position.

That gave me an idea for a new exercise! (I am sure its not new but I have never seen it) What if one did the same thing, lying on a slight incline on ones back, with the front raise? Arms could hang down, hence putting the front delt into a good stretched position and creating good solid resistance in the stretched position.

The normal front raise suffers the same loss of resistance issue as a normal side lateral. At the bottom stretch point there is none. This method would create a constant resistance, just as Arnolds laterals, in the semi stretched position.

Anyone ever try this? I have noticed that heavy front raises in general makes my delts grow far batter then presses for some reason. And when I did heavy, I didn't get a full range, but ironically I would have been hitting my semi stretched spot more this way. Imagine if I did it lying down? Maybe it would make the front delts blow up!

Interested in your thoughts guys.
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