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jaypatience 09-19-2007 05:24 AM

term sweeping lats
I am really working on the small portion of an area, that's needs working. I was informed this term is called sweeping lats. The area that I need to work is right below my arm pit and it sits or connected to my lower pecks but off to the side. I am working extremely hard on my lat development, but the area I am not finding any consistant exercise to work that part. I am doing full extension lats and rear and front lats also dips. It seems as if dips does work, but i would like to know if there are any more exercise that I can perform.

Ross86 09-19-2007 12:01 PM

Have you tried doing lat pulls with a machine? Could you elaborate on what exercises you have been doing? I've been doing lat pulls with a wide grip and I've been seeing good results. The wide grip will help to make your lats wider as opposed to thicker. I have a small frame, so it helps to make me look wider.

EricT 09-19-2007 01:13 PM

I think maybe you are talking about the serratus...little riblike muscles?

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