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training ruteine

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Old 03-10-2012, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by iron_worker View Post
Sorry man. I'm not ignoring you. It's been real slow around here so I haven't been checking the "Training" page as much. If you want to get my attention check out the "personal journal" section. I post in there 4x a week.

If you're putting on weight then your cals are too high. Going to a dietitian was a good move. If you can follow his plan that that's great. How many cals did he start you off at?

Going 4x a week is probably ok at this point.

As far as your knee hurting ... be careful with that. A proper squat shouldn't hurt your knee. Make sure your knees are tracking in the same plane as where your toes are pointing. Your quad your knee and your toe should be in line when looking from above. Try to avoid letting your knees buckle in or bow out.

Also don't bounce out of the bottom of the squat. Not sure if you're doing this but it can be hard on the knees as well (and calves believe it or). Squatting really light for a week is definitely not a bad idea and in the long run won't affect your goals.

Did I answer all your Qs?

Any way you could get vids up of your form?

okay no worries i see you post all the time and never reply so i thaught you was ignoring me because you'v explained in great detail what i should be doing but its like im not listening because im putting weight on and fucking around with the rutein you set
So i figured its time to go see a dietition, i told him how many calories i had been having and he said because thats not workin for me i should try this ,Training days 2000 calories, Rest days 1500 calories based on 40, 40, 20 he assured me this was safe considering the amount of nutrition i was consuming.
i squat with my head up chest out elbows under bar feet shoulders width and so when i bend the bar is directly over my feet,
yeah my knee was hurtin but i rested for a week and started back perfect no problems but i wear a knee support just incase its still tender, as for the 4 x a week rutein its far more satisfying for me i feel nicely fatigued next day mucles are aching (good sign right? ) but a hot radox bath relaxes me sweet. would it help if i sent you some photos so you can see what condition i am in?, correct me if i am wrong but i am in a mind set now to start fresh from week 1 because i have a new diet and so i can record everything properly because so far iv failed at being consistent in recording my weight EVERY week and failed to take progress pictures and my overall weight being a fail it would make me feel alot better to start over again what do you think ?

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Old 03-13-2012, 04:23 PM
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Stick to what your dietitian has laid out for you. Sounds like he may know what he is talking about.

If the knee brace helps then use it.

I don't need you to send me pics. If you're gaining weight over time then the diet is too high in cals. If you're staying the same then you're at your maintenance level. If you're losing weight then you're under your maintenance level.

It's that simple.

Btw, soreness is not necessarily an indicator of a good workout.

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