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the two best exercises for increasing your vertical jump? good article i found

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Old 12-23-2009, 07:34 PM
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Default the two best exercises for increasing your vertical jump? good article i found

i thought that this was interesting, i havent incorporated power cleans into my routine at all but seeing that all these athletes have some impressive numbers and verts, maybe i should? i was reading about brock lesnar and i found this article, what do you guys think? where can i learn to do power cleans, do i need an actual coach or is it okay to learn from videos and books?

Forget all the BS about complex training routines that have you doing four different kinds of squats, they have a time and a place, but not in vertical jump training. The two most absolutely crucial exercises in vertical jump training are the squat and power clean. You really arenít going to find athletes who are explosive and have amazing verticals without pushing some crazy stats on their squats and power cleans.

For example, did you know that powerlifters and weight lifters have by far the highest verticals than in any other sport? Its absolutely true, and whats more is they donít even TRAIN for vertical jumping.

There are many other elite athletes that have vertical leaps reaching 40 inches. Athletes such as sprinters, footballers and shot putters train for brute strength and power, donít necessarily need a large vertical leap, yet have one due to their training.

If you closely study athletes with massive vertical jumps, youíll find a common theme. They are incredibly strong (strong means at least 2x bodyweight squats and 1.5x bodyweight powercleans). These two exercises in particular stand out. Iíve put together a list of people who ridiculous vertical jumps. If you're looking to increase your vertical then these are two exercises you shouldn't neglect in the gym!


When he was in high school he was hammered about his lowerbody in the weight room. His coach didnít mind if they didnít get all their upper body in, as long as they got in their squats and power cleans.

He stands at 6í4 and 260lbs, he runs 4.57 in the 40yard dash, and has a 38 inch vertical leap. He can power clean 410lbs, and squats 550lbs!


The 49ers tight end has been branded as a freak of nature. At 6í3 and 252lbs, he can run a 4.38 second 40 yard dash and has a 42 inch vertical. Heís also an obsessive weight lifter who can squat 680lbs and power clean 365lbs.


There are unverified rumors floating around that Ben Johnson didnít do any plyometric training. His main focus was heavy weights and sprinting. Iíve even read that he wouldnít run more than 100m because he wanted to be as quick and explosive, and have as many fast twitch fibres available as possible.

Ben Johnson was extremely explosive and was infamous for having one of the best starts of his era. This is directly related to him being able to squat 605lbs for 5 reps, when he only weighed 190lbs!

Now I donít want to speculate about steroids helping him lift so much weight, but you simply canít ignore the correlation between his strength to his speed and explosiveness.


Former world record holder running 9.79 seconds in the 100m can squat 505lbs at a weight of 170. This gave him a huge vertical leap and an amazing start out of the blocks.


An Australian sprinter, very well known for his explosive starts and can easily power clean 120kg and squat 200kg. He does all of this while weighing only 80kg.


A 225lb world record holding weightlifter once recorded a 42 inch vertical leap! Recorded with absolutely no warm up and wearing very cumbersome and heavy weightlifting shoes.


WWE wrestler who was at the Olympics for weightlifting can at 6í3, easily dunk a basketball. This is incredible, considering he weighs 385lbs! Along with his world class snatches and clean and jerks, he can squat 1050 pounds and deadlift 920 pounds.


Former amateur and professional wrestler, UFC fighter Brock Lesnar is an astounding athlete. He once tried out for the NFL and at 6í3 and 283 lbs recorded a 4.65 40 yard dash and a 35 inch vertical. This is crazy, and its not even taking into consideration that he was recovering up from a very serious motorcycle accident a few weeks prior to the test!

He with ease, also bench presses 475 pounds and squats 695 pounds.


Powerlifter who at 255 pounds can squat over 1000pounds! No wonder he has recorded a vertical leap of 40 inches.

Although squats and power cleans arenít the only 2 exercises to help increase vertical leap, you cannot ignore the underlying theme amongst all these athletes. They are all extremely strong, in relation to their bodyweight in these 2 lifts. If you're interested in vertical jumping and want to jump higher then these may be the exercises that give you the extra inches you're looking for.

If you donít believe me feel free to look it up, its all easily verifiable.
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Old 12-27-2009, 06:59 AM
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any comments? :\ ive been looking up info on power cleans and im probably going to find a coach to teach me them
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Old 12-28-2009, 03:46 PM
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It's interesting that it harped on the vertical jumps of people who are reportedly very 'strong' in terms of the quick lifts or any lifts, even squats.

If you take a lot of those jump heights and average them out, I am pretty sure you will come up with something that is around "average" for an NBA player...not many of whom can post big numbers on a clean.

What you can get from that is those people are strong, or fast, or powerful, or have good lifts. And that they have good jumps. But that is correlation, not causation.

You can assume that their jumps are better than they would have been untrained. But you cannot assume the "best" way to increase your vertical jump is with squats and powercleans.

In terms of very good vertical jumps...it's not THAT impressive. There are people who have posted 50 to 60 inches if not more.

Beyond that though I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you looking to be like any one those people in the article, increase your vertical jump or whatever? Or are you just looking for something to convince you to do powercleans?

If you want to do them do them. And you will for sure get better at powercleans and be more powerful and have better torso control, etc. Whether you vertical jump will become extraordinary I cannot say

This whole thing is always being used in strength training. It's about the composition of training and it's parts.

It's like saying Carl Lewis trained to be very fast. Part of his training was squats. Therefore squats have the virtue of making you fast. It's like saying that water emits light because you see the sun reflecting off of it.

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If you act sanctimonious I will just list out your logical fallacies until you get pissed off and spew blasphemous remarks.

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