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Seng Stewart 02-07-2013 05:19 AM

work out at home
Hi all,

I heard of people saying it is troublesome to go to gym to work out. Some may not be able to find the time or afford the gym membership. I would like to recommend 3 simple work-out at home exercises here which are very effective to help one build up muscles and keep fit. These exercises do not need any expensive equipment at all. Hope it help some of you start working out at home.

Squat with a Kick (lower body, abs, back, overall conditioning)
1: Start by standing with feet close together.

2: Keep arms up with elbows facing forward.

3: lower down into a squat as low as possible, keeping feet flat on floor.

4: As you stand back up, raise right knee up and extend to a kick.

5: Go back down into a squat when the right foot goes back down to floor.

6: Kick up with left leg, and then repeat on each side.

Inch Worms (Abs, back, hamstrings)
1: Begin in push-up position; perform a push-up, keeping stomach tight.

2: While keeping knees straight, raise hips and walk hands towards feet as fat as you can while keeping knees straight.

3: Walk hands back to starting position.

4: Repeat from the push-up.

Walkouts (Abs, back, legs, shoulders)
1: Start standing; bend over and place hands on floor.

2: Walk hands out until in the push-up position.

3: Walk hands back to standing position, and then repeat.

4: For a challenge, add a push-up at the end of each walk-out before returning to standing position.

Follow these 3 simple but effective routine without the need to use any gear or equipment at the comfort of home and start losing those calories fast.

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